We are a leading provider of specialist waste management services that protect the public from harmful wastes, promote recycling and alternative use opportunities, and lead to greater safety and personal well-being around the world.

In 2020 Stericycle:

  • Responsibly disposed of 1.5 billion pounds of medical waste, protecting the public from potentially infectious material.
  • Safely disposed of 40 million pounds of pharmaceutical waste, ensuring they do not end up in waterways.
  • Shredded and recycled 1.1 billion pounds of paper—safeguarding both confidential information and the environment.
  • Diverted more than 100 million pounds of plastics from landfills with reusable containers for sharps and pharmaceutical disposal.

Nationwide coverage with a local service

Specialist waste requires a specialist approach and Stericycle has a proven track record in supporting local and national companies across the public and private sector. 
We provide a reliable service that protects your people, safeguards your reputation, 
improves your sustainability and ensures your organisation remains compliant. 

Treatment processes

Stericycle is dedicated to finding sustainable, environmentally friendly and compliant recovery options for all the waste we handle.

While we recycle whenever possible, medical and hazardous wastes require special treatment because of the high potential for viruses, chemicals and other contaminants harmful to people and the environment. 

All collected waste is rendered safe - to render waste safe, treatment and disposal facilities are required to:
  • Reduce the number of infectious organisms present in the waste to a level that protects workers or the public against infection
  • Destroy anatomical waste so it is no longer recognisable
  • Make all clinical waste (including any equipment and sharps) unusable and unrecognisable as clinical waste
  • Destroy the component chemicals of chemical or medicinal and medicinally-contaminated waste

Read more about our processes here.

Legislation & best practice compliance

We invest significant time and effort working with the leading regulatory bodies to ensure we remain at the forefront of the industry.

Our national team of compliance professionals cover a range of specialist areas, including:

  • Environmental permitting and compliance
  • Health and safety
  • Hazardous and radioactive wastes
  • The carriage of dangerous goods
  • Business management systems (BMS)
  • Business continuity and risk

Reusable sharps containers

Our multi-award winning sharps management service is safe, economical and convenient for large-scale sharps producers. Each container can be used up to 600 times!

Dispose of your confidential information securely and compliantly

Shred-it, a Stericycle solution,  is one of the UK’s leading information security companies, providing advice on confidential information protection and secure destruction services to all organisations including the healthcare sector. Ensure your confidential information is safely and compliantly disposed of.

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