On arrival, the driver will ask you for the bins planned for collection. These will be listed on the drivers paperwork. The driver will then replace with empty receptacles/bags (like for like).

Note: You no longer need to order sharps bins and orange sacks from CC McLays, Stericycle will replace them on site once they make a collection.

Blue lidded plastic sealed units

Lloyds Pharmacy waste, must not contain NHS patient returns.

Non-hazardous medicinal waste / denatured controlled drugs (Blue)

This bin is for out of date over the counter (OTC) medicines only.

Available sizes:

  • 30 litre
  • 50 litre

Incineration only. 

Orange sack / Clinical waste bags 8kg

Infectious Waste

Infectious or potentially infectious soft clinical waste contaminated with blood/bodily fluids, (not medicinally contaminated) e.g. dressings, swabs, wipes, gloves, gowns, masks. aprons.

Sharps units Yellow lid only

Infectious / Medicinally Contaminated Waste Sharps needles (Yellow)**

This bin is only for store only sharps waste through services we provide i.e. Diabetes, vaccinations, Vitality. Incineration only.

NB: 1litre patient returns sharps are collected by the NHS.

Available size:

  • 7 litre

Stericycle contact information

Stericycle offers a like for like exchange service.

However, should you require an additional ad-hoc collection* or delivery please contact Stericycle** (SRCL) Support Team on:
Telephone: 0333 240 4400 (Mon-Fri 08.30am - 5.00pm)   E-mail:

*extra collections have an additional minimum charge of £20

** extra collections or deliveries of bins must only be for Lloyds Pharmacy generated clinicalwaste, not for NHS patient returns.

Other Waste Services

All other bins not pictured on the previous page are collected as a different service;

Organised by the NHS (also known as patient returns) and/or needle exchange.


Patient returns include sharps (1litre most common) and cytotoxic waste and dispensary out of date stock.

NHS provide scheduled collections of your NHS waste (DOOP), the supplier could be SRCL (50L cardboard bin), PHS (30 or 50ltr green plastic with green lid) Cannon, Rentokil or Tradebe
NHS provider collections of patient return sharps (these tend to be 1ltr or smaller sharps bins. 

If you need to arrange additional collections or bins please contact your CCG. You can use the following website to help you locate your local CCG:

Needle Exchange Waste – Used needles and syringes not diabetes

Your first point of contact would be your Needle Exchange Commissioner, if you are unsure who this is please contact Commissioned Services: