HSJ Partnership Award winner

Mar 21, 2019

There can be no better way of celebrating our 30th birthday and three decades of providing healthcare waste management services to over a million customers than with a HSJ partnership award. Stericycle has just won an HSJ Clinical Support Service award for its work delivering the Bio Systems Sharps Management service at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust. The award recognises providers and commissioners of clinical support services in the NHS that have improved efficiency, quality and value through service redesign or innovation.

It was a fantastic and timely reflection of the hard work and investment that Stericycle has put into making the collection, transport and treatment of clinical waste safe, cost-effective and sustainable for the last 30 years

Since Stericycle was first founded in Lake Forest, Illinois in 1989, it now has a presence in 22 countries managing healthcare waste services at over 650 locations worldwide. Stericycle employs 25500 team members, has a fleet of 6300 trucks and serves over 1,000,000 customers in the specialist disposal of clinical, infectious, hazardous, pharmaceutical, chemical, sharps, dental and veterinary waste.

Specialist waste requires a specialist approach and Stericycle has a proven track record in supporting local, national and international companies across both the public and private healthcare sectors.

In the UK, Stericycle is now one of the leading healthcare waste services provider, offering over 25,000 customers, including the NHS, an unrivalled infrastructure of waste treatment facilities, transfer stations and a comprehensive fleet of specialist vehicles.

However, it is not just Stericycle’s growth over the past 30 years that we are proud of, but our ever-evolving environmentally responsible and sustainable waste management methods.

As a waste business, it’s only natural that we are concerned about the environment and Stericycle’s treatment and disposal methods are based on industry regulations as well as best practices for the appropriate management of each waste stream.

Recycling is always Stericycle’s preferred method and over a third of the waste we collect is recycled. However, medical and hazardous wastes which can contain chemicals, certain viruses or other harmful substances require special treatment to protect human health and the environment. Where we can we make these waste treatment processes as sustainable as possible so they are neither harmful to the environment or deplete natural resources.

Our Bio Systems Sharps Management for which we won the HSJ Clinical Support Service Award is one of these sustainable services. Bio Systems is a safer and more sustainable alternative for sharps waste. Instead of putting sharps in single-use containers which are then incinerated, Stericycle provides reusable containers that are collected, emptied, disinfected and resupplied to the hospital. The containers can each be used up to 600 times after washing and disinfection.

In the short time the Bio Systems Sharps Management service has been in place at Salford Royal Foundation Trust, it has delivered tangible benefits for both the organisation and its staff.

We hope to continue providing, delivering and innovating these award-winning methods of sustainable, safe and cost-effective waste management services for many more years to come.


Ian Osborne

Vice President UK and Ireland

Mar 21, 2019