Colchester Hospital

Jan 3, 2018

The introduction of Stericycle’s Bio Systems service has helped Colchester Hospital reduce injury, eradicate waste build up and offer a better service.


Stericycle has been providing the Bio Systems Sharps Management service to Colchester Hospital since 2016. The unique end-to-end service includes collection, transportation and disposal of all sharps, as well as replacement of the reusable containers.

Overcoming clinical waste challenges

Many trusts across the UK are contending with challenges presented by clinical waste storage. A major issue for Colchester Hospital was the build-up of single-use sharps containers, which were taking up valuable space and creating potential hazards.

Prior to implementing the solution, hospital staff collected the full disposable sharps containers themselves from around the site and stored them for collection in the waste area – a time-consuming task.

The environmental impact of the clinical waste is also a concern for many trusts. For an average-sized trust, the greenhouse gas emissions the incineration process generates.

Benefitting the staff, the trust and the environment

Scott Yearling, deputy logistics manager at Colchester Hospital, says: "There are numerous benefits to having the Stericycle service in place. We had lots of single-use sharps containers being used and these were stacking up around the site – now, Stericycle clears the site regularly so we no longer get a build-up of waste.

The system has also freed up time for our team that was previously spent collecting sharps containers."

The Bio Systems reusable containers, which can each be used up to 600 times after washing and disinfection, have created financial savings for the hospital because they have eliminated the cost of continually paying for new single-use containers.

Yearling says the fact that Stericycle takes care of the whole process gives him and his colleagues’ peace of mind. "It’s a fully managed service, so Stericycle has accountability, and they are on site regularly and are always contactable should any problems arise. There is much less pressure on our team.

" The Bio Systems sharps management service enables us to offer a better service to our wards and departments."

Scott Yearling, Deputy Logistics Manager Colchester Hospital