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Stericycle has agreed to be acquired by WM, one of North America’s leading providers of comprehensive environmental solutions.


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Stericycle provides comprehensive waste collection and disposal solutions for businesses of all sizes. Discover our range of regulated waste solutions that prioritise compliance, help minimise infection risk, and can support your sustainability goals.

Safe and reliable clinical waste collection and disposal solutions to meet the needs of your  healthcare facility.

Manage all sharps collection and disposal through sustainable solutions designed to match your needs.

Manage all of your pharmaceutical waste in an efficient, environmentally responsible and compliant way.

We provide specialist waste solutions that ensure your dental practice waste is handled compliantly and efficiently.

Unmatched Expertise in Clinical Waste Management

We are Committed to Shaping a Healthier and Safer World 

Benefit from our unmatched expertise in clinical waste management. Our comprehensive solutions ensure safe and compliant disposal, meeting the highest standards of healthcare waste handling.

Bio Systems sharps management solution

Our multi-award winning sharps management service features our UN approved Bio Systems reusable containers.


For each Bio Systems container used, up to 600 single use containers are prevented from being incinerated.


We protect what matters

We make compliance and your protection our priority by providing solutions that protect your people, your organisation, your patients & customers.

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Standards of excellence

We are Committed to Shaping a Healthier and Safer World 

Stericycle is in the business of protecting what matters to all of us. It is a fulfilling mission and a challenge that drives us every day. We never lose sight that communities around the world and over a million customers are counting on us daily.