Offensive Waste Disposal and Collection

What is Offensive Waste?

Offensive waste is the term for items soiled by body fluids or bad odour that may be considered unpleasant. This does not include items also contaminated by infectionmedicine or chemicals.

The Importance of Proper Offensive Waste Disposal

Offensive waste management can be complex, but it's important to ensure safe and appropriate segregation of offensive waste from domestic waste.  We offer advice and guidance on appropriate handling, containment, transportation and disposal of offensive waste.

  • Health and Safety

Proper disposal prevents health hazards and ensures safety for both the public and workers.

  • Environmental Protection

It safeguards the environment from contamination and pollution.

  • Compliance

Compliance with regulations is essential to avoid legal consequences and fines.

  • Community Well-being

Offensive waste disposal maintains a clean and hygienic community.

  • Resource Conservation

Efficient disposal practices reduce waste and conserve resources.


Incontinence Waste Disposal: Safe & Responsible Management

When it comes to incontinence waste disposal, the importance of proper handling cannot be overstated. This specialised waste type, often containing bodily fluids, demands meticulous attention to protect public health, the environment, and legal compliance. Responsible disposal practices are essential to maintain hygiene, prevent contamination, and uphold community well-being.

Nappy Waste Disposal: Convenient & Hygienic Solutions

We offer a hygienic and hassle-free solution for nappy collection and disposal, ensuring a clean and sanitary environment. With our services, you can maintain a high standard of cleanliness and comfort for your clients and residents.

Discover Our Offensive Waste Bags

Our offensive waste bags are specifically designed for the disposal of non-infectious or offensive waste, including used PPE, items contaminated with offensive hygiene waste, uncontaminated dressings, and non-medicated intravenous bags. 


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