Anatomical Waste Disposal

What is Anatomical Waste?

Anatomical waste, comprising tissues, organs, and bodily fluids, is always considered potentially infectious and must be meticulously segregated from other healthcare waste items.

Proper disposal of anatomical waste is crucial for maintaining hygiene standards and preventing the spread of infections within healthcare facilities. Effective management of anatomical waste not only ensures the safety of healthcare workers but also contributes to the overall public health and environmental protection efforts.

Who is Producing Anatomical Waste?

Anatomical waste is primarily generated by healthcare providers such as:

Additionally, other industries such as tattooists and body artists, as well as beauty and health clinics, contribute to the production of anatomical waste. Proper management and disposal of anatomical waste are essential across these sectors to ensure public health and environmental safety.

Anatomical Waste Bins & Bags

Discover our range of anatomical waste bins, bags, and containers, designed to meet the diverse needs of healthcare facilities.

Our orange-coloured bags and red bins ensure easy segregation of anatomical waste, while yellow bins clearly indicate hazardous contents. Stericycle UK provides convenient delivery and collection services to support your facility's compliance with regulatory requirements.

Professional Anatomical Waste Collection

Discover Stericycle's flexible approach to anatomical waste collection. We understand the unique requirements of each business and offer bespoke collection schedules to suit your needs. Whether you prefer daily, fortnightly, or monthly collections, we ensure reliable and timely service.

Our comprehensive service includes the delivery of appropriate anatomical waste containers, bags, and bins to your facility. Once filled within weight limits and stored securely, our expert team will collect, transport, and dispose of your anatomical waste in compliance with all regulations, prioritising environmental sustainability.

For a tailored solution to your anatomical waste management needs, contact Stericycle today for a free quote. Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist with any questions and recommend the right size and type of containers for your specific requirements. 

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