Single-use Instrument Recycling

Most single-use metal instruments are disposed of via high temperature incineration, then landfill. We offer an environmentally friendly alternative.

For high volume premises

Available to clients that use our Bio Systems Sharps Management solution for placement in areas with a high turnover of single use instruments. We have specially adapted our 30.2L reusable containers and added a white lid and appropriate labelling.

A more environmentally friendly solution

Our waste single-use instrument solution offers an environmentally friendly, cost saving alternative to incinerating single use metal instruments.   

The benefits of our solution

  • Up to 600 uses per metals container 
  • The alternative to incineration - moves you up the waste hierarchy 
  • Signing of containers no longer required 
  • Ready to use system with no assembly required 
  • Cost benefits 
  • Reduces your carbon footprint

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Our state of the art process makes instruments safe for recycling

When full, your containers are transported to our specialist treatment facility where they are weighed, scanned and tracked. They are emptied by our state-of-the-art robotic autoclave system and cleaned by a thorough three-stage disinfection process, making them safe for recycling. Disinfected containers are meticulously inspected, reassembled and then delivered back to your facility.

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