Radioactive Waste Disposal & Collection 

What is Radioactive Waste?

Radioactive waste is material that emits ionising radiation, posing potential risks to health and the environment. Radioactive waste can include clothing and equipment as well as the radiation source.

Stericycle's specialised services guarantee safe collection and environmentally responsible disposal, meeting strict regulatory standards for your safety.

A Leading Radioactive Waste Management Solution

Because of our national network, we have the flexibility to transfer waste between plants, guaranteeing contingency and continuity of service.

We have experience in managing LLW for both public and private sector clients across a broad range of industries including healthcare, R&D, education and nuclear.

We provide an end-to-end service, with transport and disposal managed in-house at one of our many licenced sites that have generous authorised disposal limits for both solid and liquid wastes.

Why Choose Stericycle for Radioactive Waste Disposal?

Selecting Stericycle ensures expertise in handling radioactive waste with the utmost care and compliance. 

Our specialised services prioritise safety, offering secure disposal and adherence to stringent regulatory standards. Trust Stericycle for reliable, professional, and environmentally responsible radioactive waste management solutions.

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If you have specific needs or requirements regarding radioactive waste disposal, our dedicated team at Stericycle is here to assist you. 

Contact us today for personalised solutions, ensuring the safe and compliant management of your unique radioactive waste challenges.

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