Offensive Waste Solutions

Offensive waste is the term for items soiled by body fluids or bad odour that may be considered unpleasant. This does not include items also contaminated by infection, medicine or chemicals.

A challenging waste stream

Offensive waste management can be complex, but it's important to ensure safe and appropriate segregation of offensive waste from domestic waste.  We offer advice and guidance on appropriate  handling, containment, transportation and disposal of offensive waste.

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We will work with your organisation to provide advice and guidance - for peace of mind and safe, compliant offensive waste disposal, contact one of our specialists today.

Tiger bags

The tiger waste stream is used for offensive/hygiene waste.

Tiger-stream waste may be recycled or incinerated utilising ‘energy from waste’ (EfW) facilities.  Tiger bags are used for non-infectious or offensive soft waste, including used PPE, items contaminated with offensive hygiene waste, uncontaminated dressings and non-medicated intravenous bags.

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