Single and multi-chair practices

In addition to our other waste solutions we also offer a full range of specialised dental packages on a ‘by chair’ or ‘by practice’ basis. All of our dental practice solutions are available separately or as bundles.

Amalgam capsules, removed fillings and sludge

Because amalgam contains up to 50% toxic mercury and mercury compounds, non-compliant disposal of amalgam wastes can lead to water, land and air contamination. We provide a range of specialist containers for the disposal of these items.

Lead waste

The lead foils contained within dental x-ray film packets can be toxic and must be securely disposed of. Our lead foil container provides a safe and compliant solution for the disposal of lead wastes.

X-ray chemicals

X-ray fixer is a hazardous waste because of its high silver content. X-ray developer is less hazardous but it cannot be mixed with fixer solution. Our x-ray chemical containers provides a safe and compliant solution for disposing of these liquids.

Gypsum waste

Gypsum has a high sulphate content. Combining high sulphate content waste with biodegradable waste produces highly toxic and odorous hydrogen sulphide gas. Because of this, gypsum is banned from normal landfill. Infectious gypsum waste must be incinerated. Non-infectious waste can be consigned for incineration or recovery.

Safe, reliable and compliant

We are fully compliant with all relevant legislation and provide a reliable and professional service.

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