February 23, 2023

Bin Safety: 3 Simple Steps For You To Take

Taking care when opening, closing and storing medical waste bins is vital for protecting your staff, customers and the environment. Those who are in contact with healthcare and clinical waste bins may be exposed to a range of health risks, and any kind of incident could be subject to prosecutions and fines if the organisation is found to be negligent or at fault. 

Here are 3 simple steps that your organisation can take to ensure bin safety when handling potentially dangerous waste such as sharpsinfectious waste and hazardous waste.

1.    Secure the Bin Lid
When decanting waste, make sure the lid of the bin is completely open and that the brakes are applied before loading. Do not permanently leave the lid open of a wheeled unit, this can cause head, shoulder, or back injuries. To minimise risk, close and lock the lid after use.

2.    Safe Handling of a Wheeled Unit
You must make sure that the wheeled unit is not stored on surfaces which are uneven, soft or located on a steep gradient. All waste streams should be placed in their appropriate bin. Do not mix waste streams or climb onto or inside of the wheeled bins.
If you must move wheeled bins, use two hands while doing so to avoid back and shoulder injuries. 

3.    Bin Safety in Extreme Weather
To prevent damage, bin lids should be closed, locked, and secured. To prevent spillage or injury during high winds bins should not be overloaded, as this can pose a threat to health, safety, and the environment.

To assist you in promoting bin safety best practice in your organisation, you can find some useful posters available to download free of charge from our resource centre.

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