March 20, 2024

Protecting What Matters For 35 years

Written by Cindy J. Miller, President and Chief Executive Officer, Stericycle

March marks an exciting milestone for Stericycle as we celebrate our 35th Anniversary. Since 1989, we’ve been on an important mission: to protect your health and well-being in a safe, responsible, and sustainable way. From our beginning to stem the tide of syringes washing up on the shores, Stericycle has grown from a small start-up in medical waste management into an industry leader across a range of increasingly complex and highly regulated arenas, serving healthcare organizations and commercial businesses of every size. Through our family of brands, we serve customers in North America and Europe with solutions that protect what matters.  

When Stericycle was founded, the healthcare industry and the general public were in dire need of the services we provide. It may surprise many that empty orange juice cartons with the tops removed, and open mayonnaise jars were once considered safe practices for sharps disposal in some clinical settings. These approaches would never pass a compliance review or a regulatory agency’s visit today. And we also know more now about disease transmission and best safety practices than we did then.

As I near celebrating five years at Stericycle, I reflect on my time with the company and our entire history. I am very proud of what we have accomplished and the advancements we continue to make. When I’m asked what Stericycle does, I confidently say we protect what matters. We protect communities from the spread of infection. We protect healthcare workers against needlestick injuries. We protect waterways from being contaminated with pharmaceutical waste. We protect communities from losing one more person to the opioid epidemic. We protect a business’s brand reputation. How do we do this? By providing industry-leading, robust, and innovative services, products, and solutions. We do this through visionary leadership and hard-working team members. I would never want to envision a world without Stericycle, and I am grateful we don’t have to.

At Stericycle, our commitment to safety is a core value. We not only care about the safety of our workers but ensuring healthcare workers and our communities are safe and protected. Through the syringe tide, outbreaks, natural disasters, the opioid epidemic, and a global pandemic, we’ve been trusted to safeguard the health and well-being of the people and places around us. 

As we look ahead to the next 35 years, we’re working to build a better future for our team members, our customers, the communities we serve, and the generations that will follow. Stericycle is working hard on modernizing and automating our network, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving our track record of safety, reducing reliance on single-use plastics, turning more waste into energy, improving the customer and team member experience, and launching innovative solutions across all environments of care.

The future is bright as we continue to shape a healthier and safer world for everyone, everywhere, every day.

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